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1. Preformed Bag Packaging Machine
The preformed bag packaging machine can perform packaging on materials particles, liquid, powder, block and bags zipper bag, spout bag, retort pouch, special-shaped bag in many types. It can be fitted with extra devices to have multiple functions. vacuum, inflation, double material filling Convenient, safe, stable, and efficient, the machine is the best alternative to manual packaging.

2. Rotary Preformed Cup Filling Sealing Machine
The rotate preformed cup filling sealing machine is suitable for preformed plastic cup. The cup falling, filling, coating, sealing, marking, and up-right outgoing can be automatically done. PLC control system and speed regulating device ensure stable running, precise positioning and easy changeover.

3. Plastic Cup Form-Fill-Seal Machine
The plastic cup form-fill-seal machine can automatically complete the sheet pulling, molding, multi filling, coating, sealing, cutting, output, and optional automatic box packing. It is equipped with PLC Control System, Frequency Inverter or Servo motor for Option to Control Devices, and especially can be connected with Cleaning System CIP.

4. Thermoforming Packaging Machine
The thermoforming packaging machine can achieve vacuum, inflation, and skin packaging. The alignment and changeover are both easy. The machine has scrap recycling system and original Germany BUSCH vacuum pump.

5. Pillow Type Packaging Machine
For chocolate, candy, cookie, and bread manufacturers, we are a professional designer of the production line. The speed of our pillow type packaging machine ranges from 300 PCs/min to 1200 PCs/min. We offer tailored packaging solutions that best suit your applications.

6. Spout Sealing Machine
The spout sealing machine can automatically install plastic nozzles onto spout bags. The spout feeding, bag falling, and output can be done unattended. The machine can be directly connected to a filling machine to achieve high production efficiency.

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